Buying a kitchen? Have you thought of paying with your credit card?

What have credit cards got to do with building? Well, quite a lot actually. Did you know that if you buy goods and services with your credit card, you get extra protection if something goes wrong? So, this might be a good idea if you are buying a kitchen and getting your builder to fit it.

Can you imagine what you would do if you paid a deposit and your kitchen supplier went bust? Or the goods and fittings are faulty and the supplier denies this?

There is an easy way to get your money back.

You might think that all that is fairly clear and you just have to use your card. But if you think you know it all, do you really? Do you know exactly when and how your extra protection might not work? Do you know how to put your claim together, and what to do if it is rejected?

I have a mini-course coming soon that will teach you to purchase with confidence and protect your cash. I will be giving you all the hints and tips you need to maximise the protection you get for free from your credit card.

Not only that, I’m going to tell you how you can claim against your credit card supplier if things go wrong, complete with examples and templates. And as an added extra, I’m going to tell you how to appeal if your credit card company rejects your complaint!

You will have all you need to purchase with confidence.

To keep up-to-date and for special launch offers, click on the link below.

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