1. They don’t work like a gas boiler

This is the most important thing to realise. I’ve seen many complaints from householders that their radiators don’t get as hot, that it takes ages for the house to warm up, etc. That is all true. But it doesn’t mean that their heat pump is faulty. It just works differently to the gas boilers that most people are used to.

Heat pumps are designed to operate at lower temperatures and to be left on for longer. So, if you are expecting to just turn on the boiler when you are feeling chilly, think again.

2. You need good insulation

As they operate at a lower temperature than a gas boiler, good insulation to your home is vital to get the best out of a heat pump. If your home is not fully insulated, you need to budget for this too.

3. Consider underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is the most efficient way to use heat pumps as they effectively turn the whole of your floor into a heater. With a bigger area than radiators, a lower temperature works fine.

4. You can use existing radiators but they will be cooler.

If you are switching from a gas boiler and keeping your existing radiators, ask your installer to explain the best settings to use on your heat pump. You’ll need the heating on for longer and the radiators won’t get so hot.

5. Make room

You will find that a heat pump will need more room than a gas boiler. Make sure you agree with your installer where all the parts and pipework will go, particularly if you are short on storage space.

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