Are you unsure how to solve your dispute?

Dispute Resolution is a lot more than just heading to court.

There are a whole range of different options out there, from straight-forward negotiation and mediation to more formal options such as adjudication, litigation and arbitration. Do you know what they are? Do you know whether you have the option to use them? And perhaps more importantly, can you afford them?

I can help you get a handle on what is best for you.

Are you looking to appoint someone to decide your dispute?

I have many years experience both representing parties in disputes and deciding disputes as an Adjudicator and Arbitrator (an alternative to going to court).

I am a Chartered Civil Engineer with a wide range of construction experience both on site and in the design office. I'm also a Barrister and have been appointed to decide on hundreds of commercial and consumer disputes.

I am:

  • a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and help to shape the courses and exams that train future contract experts and adjudicators;
  • a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators;
  • An accredited ADR official with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution

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