I help builders to solve their day-to-day struggles such as getting paid.

I help home-owners stop their "Grand Designs" becoming "Grand Mistakes"

When it goes well the UK building industry is something to be proud of. It forms the world around us, making our homes, our transportation, our leisure facilities.

But it can go wrong. And in a big way.

For builders, late payment is a big problem, with one insolvency practitioner reporting last year that between 5 - 14% of UK construction businesses are at risk of collapse.

For homeowners, we've all heard tales of projects that are poorly built, with increased costs and late completion. There have been recent campaigns about the standard of new-build homes from large building companies.


Many of the problems can be prevented, or at least made smaller, by understanding exactly what is required before starting work.

And if you are on site and having problems, dealing with them promptly can save a lot of time, energy and stress. Ending up in court is not a pleasant experience and the only winners are the lawyers.

I can help you to ask the right questions before you start, and know what to do to solve problems during construction.

Let's get things completed successfully.

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Susan really knows her stuff and will give very fair, no-nonsense and ‘plain English’ advice. If you want to know the questions you should be asking, the service you should expect and the pitfalls to avoid, she’s your girl!

– K Ramirez – Home Owner

Susan gave us a clear understanding of our contract and put us in a considered and strong position to progress

– Mike Harrison – Construction Professional