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Make sure your GRAND DESIGNS

...don't become GRAND MISTAKES

Whether it's just knowing where to start (too many websites, too much to consider), wanting clarity on building jargon (LADs, retention...) or help with problems on-site, contact me to see if I can help.


Helping you help yourself

You know your project. But do you know all the potential pitfalls? Are you already having problems that you are not sure what to do about? Don't leave it too late. Speak to someone to cut to the chase and tell you where you really stand.

Can you afford not to get answers?

"Hindsight is a wonderful thing. When you think you are doing all the due diligence and taking professional advice from what you assume is a housing contract specialist. But you find out after consulting Susan that you have been effectively stripped of your rights and need to spend thousands of pounds to fix a situation which is no fault of your own. Had we used Susan earlier we would have saved around £25k, a couple of years arguing, hundreds of emails and a whole lot of stress."

Neil - Self-builder

I've put together a GUIDANCE PACKAGE so you can get an independent view of where you are and more importantly find out what you need to do to get the results you want.


How does the GUIDANCE PACKAGE work?

  • I send you an online questionnaire so that you can tell me what your number one problem is.
  • We have a 30-minute telephone or video call to get to the heart of the matter.
  • You get a written advice note on your specific problem, summarising what we discussed, the situation you are in and the options open to you to move your project forward.
  • A follow-up email to clarify any points you want to check.


The GUIDANCE PACKAGE is Ideal for:

General information about the building process.

Questions about building contracts and consultant appointments.

An independent view of how your project is going.

Asking that one question that has been bugging you.

Sometimes you may need a little extra help and support. In that case I can add on some additional time to really get you sorted. I'll give you a fixed fee for this so you are clear on costs.


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Done for you

Know what you need to do but don't have the time? Want to have the contract correspondence handled by someone else?

Want help dealing with a dispute?

I'll be honest, my aim is to help others help themselves. But sometimes I meet people that need that extra help. Whether it's writing letters, negotiating with builders or dealing with an adjudication, contact me if you think we could be a good fit.


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Worried about starting your project? Or has your building dream already become a nightmare?

We've all heard shocking tales of building gone bad. The best way of preventing that is planning ahead and arming yourself with the right type of knowledge.

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