Size doesn’t matter

I couldn’t resist the headline about the refurbishment of Lord James Russell’s mansion that seems to have gone horribly wrong. But when you read the details of this building dispute it’s clear that the same issues arise on a £4million refurbishment as on a £40,000 extension.

In this case it was:

  • Cost overruns – “the project ran more than £1million over budget”.
  • Late completion – “the project run more than a year past the completion date”.
  • Payment arguments – the client “is suing to recover £1million as well as £376,731 in damages” while the interior designed “is demanding £863,436 in alleged unpaid invoices.”
  • Design issues – the client “changed her mind once jobs had been finished”.

If only they’d been clearer on what each of them needed to do at the start. It’s much cheaper to get good advice before starting work than paying for litigation lawyers afterwards.

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